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Where are the daily updates?

This is the best version of the taboo game that we have found, but there is no explanation as to where or how to obtain the "daily word updates." Could you please provide.

So Fun!

A really great iPad version of the original Taboo. Feature request to make it even better: Be able to choose how many rounds you want to play. i.e. After 10 rounds, display the winner. Otherwise right now you play, and play, wondering if there is an end. Thanks, keep up the good work!

A great party game

I find this game to be the best party game on the App Store! Would it be possible in the next update to add a "pass counter" somewhere in the screen that is always visible while the game is on? At the moment you can see your left passes only when you press the "pass" button.

Taboo, without the cards!!!

Clean interface, and apparently more cards are added often. You can even make your own cards thru the web app. Pretty nice at the value (free), considering the board game taboo costs about $5 or $6. Thanks dev!!


A great game for passing time, especially during car rides and on buses

good but..

it needs an option for one person on more that 2 anyways good hobbie i dont get why it dosent have ratings but whatever ill rate it 4 for what i told

Fantastic fun!

This game is great! I play with my girlfriend (individuals rather than teams) so the scoring doesnt make too much sense, but we have a blast just playing! All I could ask for are some options, maybe a score to play until or how much time per turn.

So much fun

This app is so much fun. Recommended it :)

Digital Taboo

Love it! Me & my family always play taboo at the holiday get-togethers...no need to bring the box anymore. I hope more of these type of apps come to iOS, BopIt was ok...there is another one that is just like the game CatchPhrase but I forget what its called. If anyone knows any other similar apps(games u can play in groups), please share. ✌

Get this, it s awesome!!

Clean interface, vibrant colors, addictive gameplay and new cards being added on a regular basis.......... Wow, how can you not get this !! Really great game!!

Its a good game but....

But the words you make just get mixed in with the rest of the words. I wanted to create my own game, i feel wasted my money

Worth $2 even for 1 night

Solid app, but theres a lot of room for improvements. In a 2.0 version Id like to see the ability to manually adjust the score (sometimes you swipe accidentally), view the cards from the last round, and restart the round in case of a false start. That would definitely get 5 stars out of me. Also, the timer extending for the team with fewer points is dumb!


Sooooo confused..... Please explain more


What a great deal! Much cheaper than the original and so much easier than trying to keep up with all the cards and the timer and the buzzer. We just played it with a big group of friends and had a blast. I cant wait to tell my whole family about it!!!

Slick, pretty and easy to use

Perfect for a party with friends and much cheaper than the actual game.

So much fun

We love playing this game, thank you for putting it into this form-its so much easier than using cards! The only reason you didnt get 5


I love Taboo and I love that I can have this on my iPad! I also Iike how everything looks and that new cards can be added. However, I wish that there was a point penalty for passing, like in the actual Taboo game. If that was an added setting, Id at that 5th star!

Fun family game

We love this game, we play it on rainy nights. It is a good game of families. We are using it so much we starting to use words over. Add some more words, PLEASE! :) And not so much on the actors and actresses.

Fantastic app

This is a fantastic app for playing a multiplayer game against the family while on vacation. Just what I was looking for.

Not for kids

This app claims to be for kids but even setting it on the easiest level, words like condom and playboy appeared. I am a speech therapist and use apps in a school setting so I was very upset to have paid for this only to find that I cannot use it. Please update so that I may remove cards that are inappropriate. Thank you.

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