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Just Say It! - Charades party game

4.8 ( 48 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğlence Aile Kelime
Geliştirici: AlterMind Sp. z o.o.
1.99 USD

It’s addictive! It’s simple!

Two teams are playing to win. You have to explain to your team, the WORD which they are supposed to guess, as quick as you can.
You cannot use words from the list. If you are smart, clever and quick play the advanced level and have real fun.

• New card updates are available every day so you won’t get bored and game never ends!
• For people who like playing games which exercise their mind and reflexes
• Perfect for hilarious meetings with friends or family,
• You can create the game with us by making your own cards!
• You don’t need internet connection to play
• Kids can play using easier difficulty level.